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  1. A Day on the Farm

    November 25, 2013 by frecklesandsunshine

    I’ve always loved to travel. Whether it is a short day trip or a long backpack through Europe, I’m thrilled to explore new places. The opportunity to explore and discover new things is one of the advantages to having lived in three different states in three years. 

    Living here in St. Louis, I can make these discoveries almost daily without even leaving the city or county limits. I had been to St. Louis before we moved here but really only as an airport stop before driving on to Champaign where Tim’s family lives. Now that we have two beautiful girls our travels aren’t as exotic as they used to be, but witnessing the joy of discovery through their eyes is totally worth it. 

    A couple weeks ago, Olivia, Kate, and I ventured out to Purina Farms. Nestle Purina is headquartered here in St. Louis and they have a “farm” on the outskirts of town. Since we had been reading and studying about farms with a preschool learning kit from our local library, Purina Farms seemed like a good place to expose her to some farm animals even though this isn’t a real working farm. Add in the free factor and we were sold. 

    Purina Farms is about a 30 minute drive from our home, but it is just far away enough to feel like a “trip” and to lend it a more rural feel. 

    Purina Farms

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  2. Saint Louis

    November 12, 2013 by frecklesandsunshine

    We are coming up on our first full year here in St. Louis. It is hard to believe that we are already at that milestone. At this time last year, we knew we were moving. The wheels were in motion and, in all honesty, I think I was just trying to keep up with everything that was happening. A move, a new baby, sell the house, buy a house, and on and on.


    Just a few months earlier, under the bluebird skies of Colorado, I would have laughed in your face if you had told me that we would be living in St. Louis by Christmas. Yet that is exactly where our life took us. You really just never know, I guess.

    It has taken me a while to get adjusted to our new home. Our new city. Our new state. I still miss Colorado. Things are different here. Some things are better, some are worse, some are just…different.

    The things that I have found that I like? Well, they are just downright awesome. Here are my current top 5, in no particular order:

    photo (4)

    1. There’s a ton of free stuff.

    Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?? Plus, most of the free stuff is kid and family friendly. Visiting Gateway Arch? Free. The St. Louis Zoo? Free. The St. Louis Art Museum? Free. The St. Louis Science Center? Free. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There can be some hidden costs like paid parking, but the small fee you might have to pay to park is still much less than what you would pay in other cities to visit similar sights.

    photo 2 (4)

    2. The St. Louis Cardinals

    When we lived in Colorado, we became Denver Broncos fans, or at least I did. Why? Because Denver is a football town. Yes, they have the Nuggets and the Rockies and the Avalanche, but above all else Coloradans love their Denver Broncos. The same concept applies to St. Louis and its dedication to its baseball team. During the World Series, you felt out of place if your weren’t wearing your Cardinal red, whether you were going to the game or not. We were lucky enough to go to a few games this season and Tim was even luckier to be able to attend three World Series games. Even though we didn’t win the series, the energy that surrounds this team and its dedicated fan base is enough to make a baseball fan out of me. (Sidenote: One of Olivia’s many goals for when she “gets bigger” is to go down on the field and “play with the boys.” She loves going to the games.)

    3. A sense of community

    So, I have to admit, it has always made me crazy when people from the Midwest go on and on about how awesome the Midwest is. Its so family friendly! Everyone is so nice! People are more down to earth! And on and on. Ugh. As someone who is from Phoenix, I would look around at all the Midwestern transplants and wonder, “Well, if the Midwest is so fabulous, why did you move here??” It pains me to admit, they may have been right. At least in part. I think any place you live is what you make of it. If you want it to be family friendly, it can be. You can be down to earth in Des Moines just as easily as you can in Phoenix. However, people here are nice. Within our first week in our new house each of our neighbors came by to introduce themselves and give us a small welcoming gift. At our first neighborhood gathering, people were warm and enthusiastic about our little family joining the community. People here smile and say hello. They hold doors for each other. They offer to help you out with your groceries when it is raining and you have your infant in the shopping cart. People here care about their neighborhoods, towns, and cities. It’s a nice place to live.

    ted drewes

    4. Food

    What I’m NOT talking about: Provel, Gooey Butter Cake, and Toasted Ravioli. I realize these are St. Louis institutions in terms of food, but…just…no. What I AM talking about: Italian from The Hill, BBQ, and beer. Yes, I realize we left what is arguably the capital of the craft beer industry, but St. Louis has some quality beer as well. Although Anheuser Busch is the big dog in town, we prefer Schlafly and Urban Chestnut. There is also quite a bit that I am interested in trying, but haven’t gotten to yet. The list includes Ted Drewes, Bosnian food, and a St. Paul Sandwich. St. Louis is also a big enough city for us to have found our spots for various types of cuisine that we enjoy. We found our Chinese, pizza (without Provel!), and Indian places that we frequent regularly and that has made all the difference in a place feeling like home.


    5. A Sense of History

    To say that the city of St. Louis is significant in the history of the United States is a bit of an understatement. In fact, this area was significant in Native American culture prior to European exploration. It was the jumping off point for the Lewis and Clark expedition and the gateway to the west during Westward Expansion. St.  Louis’ proximity to the Mississippi River means that it was an important port town as well. There is so much to see and learn here about our nation’s history and I find it to be rather awe inspiring to stand on the banks of the river and think about Lewis and Clark pushing off to head out on such an significant journey.

    As we continue to get to know St. Louis and explore all it has to offer, I’ll share about our adventures in more depth. We have no idea how long we will call this place home, but we are making a home here. And you know what they say…

    Home is where the heart is.



    Pssst St. Louis! What are we missing? What’s on the must-do list?

  3. Halloween 2013: A Recap

    November 8, 2013 by frecklesandsunshine

    So, oddly enough, I’m not really into Halloween. I really loved it as a kid and had some amazing costumes sewn by my mother. As an adult, though, it just felt…silly. I’m not into costumes and dressing up, especially with the choices available off the rack for women these days. Sexy Ladybug anyone? Um, no thanks.

    Since having kids though, I am so excited for Halloween every fall. Maybe it is living in places where it is actually fall and you aren’t sweating under your Halloween costume (I’m looking at you, Phoenix). Maybe it is having the pressure to find a costume being taken off the table because I have kids to get dressed up. Maybe it is the fact that I finally get to charge the “candy tax.”

    This year was especially fun because Olivia, at age three, is now really able to understand the holiday and participate. She helped me set out our Halloween decorations on the first of October, asking about each piece and figuring out that it was all pretend and fun instead of scary.

    Then, on the Sunday before Halloween, we carved our pumpkins. First, we practiced our scary jack-o-lantern faces.


    Then, we pulled out the pumpkin guts. Olivia was grossed out, so I did the honors.


    Some of us just observed.


    Dada was in charge of carving.


    We ended up with one happy pumpkin and one sort of manic pumpkin. Heh. I’m not sure which is which in this picture.

    photo (11)

    Once the pumpkins were taken care of we just had to wait for Halloween to roll around. On Thursday, Olivia goes to preschool and she had a celebration and Halloween parade with her class. All the kids looked super cute in their costumes, but our little bumble bee was the cutest.


    Of course, our little kitten was just as adorable.


    After waiting for what seemed like forever, Dada arrived home from work and O could head out for some trick or treating.

    o trick or treat

    Poor Tim and Olivia. It poured down rain all day and night on Halloween. Tim carried her up and down our street under an umbrella and she got LOADS of candy because a) she was so stinkin’ cute and b) our neighbors knew they would have a ton leftover due to the rain. Those two still had a great time, singing and laughing under the umbrella together.

    The coolest thing about Halloween here in St. Louis is that you don’t simply get candy for saying, “Trick or Treat!” If you’re old enough, you have to tell a joke to get the candy. Because we are new to town and because Olivia is still a bit young to tell jokes, our neighbors took pity on us. It was a lot of fun hearing them from the few ghouls and goblins that came to our door.

    Here’s my favorite from the bunch:

    Knock, knock

    Who’s there?

    You know.

    You know who?

    Voldemort is dead, you can say his name now!

    Harry Potter jokes, people. They warm my heart.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Leaving Colorado

    October 16, 2013 by frecklesandsunshine

    One of the major events in our family in the last year was our move from Colorado. Although I knew Tim’s job could involve some mobility on his part, I did not expect to be moving from Colorado anytime soon. I genuinely thought that we would be raising our family in Colorado and maybe ten years down the road we might move somewhere new. I’m pretty sure Tim felt the same way.

    At Caribou Ranch

    At Caribou Ranch

    We love Colorado. We loved living there. It felt like home very quickly. Living near Boulder was especially comfortable for us and our interests. Liberal? Check. Foodies? Check. Outdoor activities? Supercheck. Add to all of that some great friends, new and old, and we really felt like we had found our place. You know, the place, sort of like Cheers except we didn’t actually live in a bar.

    In October of 2012, I had been visiting my family in Phoenix with Olivia. On a Saturday, I came home from the trip feeling a bit…off. And a bit hungry. It occurred to me that I might be pregnant. The next morning after a dollar store pregnancy test (I spare no expense when it comes to my kids, people), I knew that the next nine months were going to be a bit more exciting. So, the next day when I got a call about a job interview, I was a little nervous. I really wanted the job. I had been looking for a while and the school year had already started, but the job was super close to home and in my dream district. Did I have to share this news with them? Would they hire me if I did? Was I up for the challenge of being a working pregnant mother and wife?

    I called Tim to tell him about the interview. His response was something along the lines of, “Well, I hope the interview is for a job in St. Louis.”

    Um. What??

    “The VP  at corporate just called. There is a job in St. Louis they want me to apply for. It would be a big promotion, but it would be in St. Louis,” he said.

    “So what do I do about my interview?” I asked. After talking about all of the possibilities we decided it would be best for me to go ahead with the interview. In the event that his opportunity didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have missed out on my own.

    Are you keeping count? That’s one pregnancy, two job interviews and a possible move two states away. It was a busy week.

    To make things more complicated, both interviews went well. However, before I could progress very far in my interview process, Tim had his answer. They wanted him in St. Louis. Everything about the opportunity was a positive save two things. First, the opportunity would take us away from Colorado. Second, it would also take us further away from my family in Arizona.

    We had a number of conversations around the pros and cons of this move. What was best for him careerwise? What was best for our kids? What was best for us as a family?

    Ultimately, the answer to all of those questions was St. Louis and before Christmas arrived, we were there.

    For the last two months before we moved, we made our best attempt at soaking in everything we loved about Colorado. We spent time with friends, headed out on our favorite trails, ate at our favorite restaurants, and made a point to gaze at the Rockies as much as possible.

    We still miss it. We miss the mountains and the people and just…all of it. We are growing to love St. Louis, but I don’t know if it will ever be our place.


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