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  1. A Day on the Farm

    November 25, 2013 by frecklesandsunshine

    I’ve always loved to travel. Whether it is a short day trip or a long backpack through Europe, I’m thrilled to explore new places. The opportunity to explore and discover new things is one of the advantages to having lived in three different states in three years. 

    Living here in St. Louis, I can make these discoveries almost daily without even leaving the city or county limits. I had been to St. Louis before we moved here but really only as an airport stop before driving on to Champaign where Tim’s family lives. Now that we have two beautiful girls our travels aren’t as exotic as they used to be, but witnessing the joy of discovery through their eyes is totally worth it. 

    A couple weeks ago, Olivia, Kate, and I ventured out to Purina Farms. Nestle Purina is headquartered here in St. Louis and they have a “farm” on the outskirts of town. Since we had been reading and studying about farms with a preschool learning kit from our local library, Purina Farms seemed like a good place to expose her to some farm animals even though this isn’t a real working farm. Add in the free factor and we were sold. 

    Purina Farms is about a 30 minute drive from our home, but it is just far away enough to feel like a “trip” and to lend it a more rural feel. 

    Purina Farms

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  2. Denver Zoo

    June 17, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    **Note: All the pictures in this post were taken by Tim. He’s got a good eye.**

    We took Olivia to the zoo for the first time.

    She was excited. I swear.

    My mom is still here so we took her too.

    We saw a lot of animals. Duh, it’s a zoo.

    We wore our little peanut out.

    The zoo is awesome. Very lush and easy to navigate. The enclosures are very accessible with multiple viewpoints. If you live in or are coming to visit Denver, put the zoo on your list.

    You can see the rest of our zoo pictures HERE.

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