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  1. Salmon and Fettuccine in a Creamy Lemon Sauce

    September 14, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    As we race through the last days of summer, I am craving cool, crisp recipes. In what will seem like the blink of an eye, we’ll be eating the rich, hearty meals of fall and winter once more. There will be stews, soups, and casseroles. The grill will be covered and abandoned. Citrus flavors will exist primarily in the form of sweet Clementines around Christmas.

    So, while this is a hot recipe, it’s flavors are summery. Salmon, fresh from the grill. Lemon, the zest and the juice. Basil, plucked from the garden. A cream sauce that is somehow rich and light at the same time.

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  2. How I Menu Plan

    August 31, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Do you menu plan? I do. I love it. It is one of those household chores that seems like it should be really boring and tedious, but I really love it.

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  3. 45. Dinner with the ladies in Denver

    July 13, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Olivia is almost eleven months old and I’m pretty sure that I just had my first night out without Tim or Olivia.

    What the hell took me so long?

    I met my friend, Jenn, and a gaggle of other ladies at an Indian restaurant in Denver.

    The food was good and the company was better. It was good to have some girl talk. #45: Crossed off.

  4. All American Meatloaf

    July 8, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    I wonder what people from other countries think about the fact that we grind up perfectly good meat, form it into a loaf, top it with ketchup and then bake it.

    And, we think it is delicious.

    It is sort of weird if you think about it.

    There were a number of years during which I didn’t eat or even enjoy meatloaf. I pretty much felt like the two words shouldn’t be used together. Meat. Loaf. I think it was the loaf part that got to me.

    This guy didn’t help matters much either.

    Yeah. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, it wasn’t until Tim and I began cohabiting that I rediscovered meatloaf. It started with a turkey meatloaf. I still make this recipe from time to time. It is a healthy recipe and helps balance out the mashed potatoes.

    More recently, Olivia’s Nana, made her more traditional meatloaf recipe on their last visit here to Colorado. Then, when we last visited Illinois, she gave me a whole booklet of recipes to use with ground beef, including the meatloaf recipe. She has graciously allowed me to share it with you here. Thanks, Nana Rosellen!

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  5. Meatless Mondays

    April 11, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    At our house, we love food. We love all kinds of food and especially new recipes. We love breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. When it comes to food, we don’t discriminate. My husband would prefer to eat out more often, but for the most part we cook at home. Overall, we eat fairly healthy. Lots of fresh, whole foods and organic when possible. I would say that while our meals generally have an equitable representation of all the food groups, we probably eat more than our fair share of meat. It is definitely present at most, if not all, lunches and dinners. Tim grew up in the Midwest where, as he likes to say, “It’s not a meal without meat.”

    Sour Cream Enchiladas with Spicy Black Beans

    Sadly, all that meat eating isn’t very good for us. Tim has high cholesterol and a history of heart attack in his family. We both want to eat in a more healthful way and set a good example for Olivia. One way of doing that is to eat organic, grass fed meats. The hit our wallet takes to buy that type of meat exclusively is not something we are willing to endure at this point. So, the other option is to cut back on our meat consumption, which led me to Meatless Mondays.

    Stuffed Shells

    Meatless Mondays began during World War I as an effort to support the war and reduce consumption of key staples. It returned during World War II and then again in 2003. Its recent popularity is based not on any war effort, but on the desire to be more healthy and environmentally conscious. The idea of Meatless Mondays is to cut meat out of your diet for a day. The movement chose Mondays because Mondays are like the January of the week. It marks a new week and can function as a fresh start for those looking to make a change in their lives. In addition to offering the healthful benefits of less meat consumption, Meatless Mondays also benefits the environment in that less meat is being consumed, so arguably less meat is being produced. Meat production in this country has a huge impact on the environment from water usage to land degradation. It’s a small impact, but an impact nonetheless.

    Stuffed Shells, Green Salad, and Garlic Bread

    So far in our house, we have sort of “leaned into” Meatless Mondays. Our breakfasts and dinners are definitely meatless. Lunch is still a work in progress as we often eat leftovers from another dinner for lunch. I would rather eat our meaty leftovers on Monday than throw food away because it spoiled. Also, don’t tell anyone…but Monday isn’t always meatless. Sometimes it’s Thursday. Or even, gasp, Sunday. I know, I know, we’re such rebels. All of the pictures on this post are examples of some of our meatless meals. I would love any meatless recipes you enjoy. Please post them in the comments section of this post.

    Veggie Pizza

    Here are the recipe links for the meals in the photos:

    Sour Cream Enchiladas and Spicy Black Beans

    Pizza Crust

    Stuffed Shells

    Happy Meatless Monday, friends!

    Veggie Quesadilla with Salsa and Sour Cream

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