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  1. Weekend Reading

    September 3, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    This is from the Smithsonian website. It’s the next best thing to the Smithsonian itself. And, teachers? There is amazing stuff here.

    Because it is the opening weekend of the college football season and the US Open is going on, we have a lot of sports on the television this weekend. Maybe that’s why I stumbled onto this list of great teammates in the history of sports.

    Arne Duncan, you’re my hero.

    My recipe for the french toast from Sam’s Cafe in Champaign, Illinois was featured on the Tasty Kitchen blog. Adrianna, from A Cozy Kitchen, made the recipe and blogged about it. Her photography puts mine to shame, so I’m glad she showed how pretty this meal really can be.

  2. Changes

    July 29, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Did I tell you? I’m interviewing for teaching jobs.

    As the summer slips by, I’m starting to get nervous. Not about finding a job, but about all of the hard work that is going to take place in a very short period of time if I do find a job. Boxes will need to be transported. My classroom will need to be set up. Materials and supplies will need to be purchased and prepared. That usually takes me at least a week and we haven’t even talked about lesson planning and learning new standards and curriculum. And, what if I get a job in a grade I haven’t taught before? Will I have the right selection of books for my kids? Will I be able to afford it all? Dude! What about daycare? Who’s going to watch Olivia?

    There are a lot of changes coming my way.

    Then, I saw this picture.

    Photo courtesy of Karen Walrond at

    Karen Walrond is the woman behind Chookooloonks, a blog I read regularly. Karen is one of ten blogging moms who are working with ONE to bring a voice and a light to the struggles of moms in Kenya.

    Keep reading…

  3. Weekend Reading

    April 8, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    If you have never played around with Wordle, you should check it out. Tim and I used it to make our Save the Dates when we got married. I think these would make awesome gifts on the cheap.

    I am so curious about how education and schools work in other countries. Especially given that our system seems to be such a mess. This is a very interesting report on how school works in France.

    My favorite iPhone app to track my runs.

    This blog makes me want to teach again.

    I have no tools and have never done anything like this before, but with plans like this maybe even I could build furniture.

    You know how those commercials make fast food look so tasty? Think again.

    Olivia needs this in her room. I sing it to her every night.

  4. Weekend Reading

    February 25, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Photo courtesy of

    This treehouse is what childhoods are made of.

    I don’t know how to sew, but one day I will. And when I do, I want to make this for Olivia.

    Teachers need our support.

    This pasta dish is going on our menu soon. Have I told you we started “meatless Mondays?” This will be perfect.

    Trying to figure out a way to make this happen this summer.

    Read about why politics and breastfeeding don’t, or shouldn’t, mix.

    Spring is near. I’ll be spending a lot of time planning my garden. What are you going to grow?

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