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  1. Leaving Colorado

    October 16, 2013 by frecklesandsunshine

    One of the major events in our family in the last year was our move from Colorado. Although I knew Tim’s job could involve some mobility on his part, I did not expect to be moving from Colorado anytime soon. I genuinely thought that we would be raising our family in Colorado and maybe ten years down the road we might move somewhere new. I’m pretty sure Tim felt the same way.

    At Caribou Ranch

    At Caribou Ranch

    We love Colorado. We loved living there. It felt like home very quickly. Living near Boulder was especially comfortable for us and our interests. Liberal? Check. Foodies? Check. Outdoor activities? Supercheck. Add to all of that some great friends, new and old, and we really felt like we had found our place. You know, the place, sort of like Cheers except we didn’t actually live in a bar.

    In October of 2012, I had been visiting my family in Phoenix with Olivia. On a Saturday, I came home from the trip feeling a bit…off. And a bit hungry. It occurred to me that I might be pregnant. The next morning after a dollar store pregnancy test (I spare no expense when it comes to my kids, people), I knew that the next nine months were going to be a bit more exciting. So, the next day when I got a call about a job interview, I was a little nervous. I really wanted the job. I had been looking for a while and the school year had already started, but the job was super close to home and in my dream district. Did I have to share this news with them? Would they hire me if I did? Was I up for the challenge of being a working pregnant mother and wife?

    I called Tim to tell him about the interview. His response was something along the lines of, “Well, I hope the interview is for a job in St. Louis.”

    Um. What??

    “The VP  at corporate just called. There is a job in St. Louis they want me to apply for. It would be a big promotion, but it would be in St. Louis,” he said.

    “So what do I do about my interview?” I asked. After talking about all of the possibilities we decided it would be best for me to go ahead with the interview. In the event that his opportunity didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have missed out on my own.

    Are you keeping count? That’s one pregnancy, two job interviews and a possible move two states away. It was a busy week.

    To make things more complicated, both interviews went well. However, before I could progress very far in my interview process, Tim had his answer. They wanted him in St. Louis. Everything about the opportunity was a positive save two things. First, the opportunity would take us away from Colorado. Second, it would also take us further away from my family in Arizona.

    We had a number of conversations around the pros and cons of this move. What was best for him careerwise? What was best for our kids? What was best for us as a family?

    Ultimately, the answer to all of those questions was St. Louis and before Christmas arrived, we were there.

    For the last two months before we moved, we made our best attempt at soaking in everything we loved about Colorado. We spent time with friends, headed out on our favorite trails, ate at our favorite restaurants, and made a point to gaze at the Rockies as much as possible.

    We still miss it. We miss the mountains and the people and just…all of it. We are growing to love St. Louis, but I don’t know if it will ever be our place.


  2. Summer Fun List Wrap Up

    September 23, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Today is the first day of fall.


    I like the word Autumn better than fall. It’s just….better.

    Autumn is falling leaves and apples. It’s farmer’s markets and pumpkins. It’s fireplaces and football. Spice and soups and stews.

    The time for summer fun is over.

    I didn’t finish my list.

    I went back to work.
    I was busy.
    I was tired.
    I was lazy.
    I had bigger fish to fry.

    It should come as no surprise that I didn’t accomplish the “big” things like sewing a crib rail cover for Olivia. Or redecorating the guest room. Or baking homemade English muffins. Those items were probably delusions of grandeur to begin with.

    What does disappoint me is that I wasn’t able to manage an hour or two to read a magazine on the deck. Or volunteer. We are blessed beyond measure and have no good reason for not volunteering.

    That being said, I think I kicked butt on my list, given the circumstances.

    Olivia has learned how to blow kisses, even if they are only for her Grandma on Facetime. She will also give you five repeatedly. And pajama days? Dude, I don’t even know why that is on the list when it happens nearly every weekend.

    There is also another piece of big news that I’m not quite ready to share yet. But it did interfere with the last few weeks of summer. I’ll update soon…

    Should I make an Autumn list? My sister in law did.

    Do I even have the time? What are you doing this fall?

  3. Caribou Ranch

    August 8, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    As I sit here and write this, Tim is somewhere in the mountains of Colorado sleeping in a tent on a leaky air mattress. All in the name of trout. Fly fishing used to be a once a year treat when we lived in Arizona. Now that we live in Colorado, where you can literally pull off the side of the road and start casting, fishing is turning into a full fledged hobby.

    Because Tim had plans to be gone most of this weekend, last weekend was mine, alllll miiiiine. I got to choose what we were going to do together as a family and I know you will be shocked when I tell you I immediately flipped to my Summer Fun List.

    Ok, maybe shocked is an exaggeration.

    By the time Sunday rolled around, I had done all that I wanted to do in terms of getting the house together, grocery shopping, etc. and it was time to get outside. We gathered up our necessities and piled in the car. When I looked at the dashboard clock and realized we had made it out of the house before 9am, I was stunned. Why can’t we manage to do that when we are headed to church? We might be on time for once.

    In less than 40 minutes, we arrived at our destination….Caribou Ranch.

    Caribou Ranch is part of the Boulder County Open Space, but over the years has been a mining operation, a horse ranch, and a recording studio.

    Keep reading…

  4. Fern Lake Trail-Rocky Mountain National Park

    July 19, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Photo by Tim

    If you come to visit us here in Colorado, there is an incredibly good chance that we will take you to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is just about an hour from our house and it is easily some of the most beautiful scenery that Tim and I have ever seen. We have an annual pass and it has paid for itself three or four times by now.

    Keep reading…

  5. Visitors!

    July 17, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Tim’s mom and her husband were in town last week. Olivia had a great time visiting with her Grammy and Grandpa Craig. So did we.

    We were able to have a lot of adventures in the week they were here.

    We celebrated the Fourth of July.

    We went down to Pearl Street Mall in Boulder and to the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory.

    We went into Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked around. We saw snow in July.

    I’ll be blogging over the next week or so about these adventures, but needless to say Olivia was smothered in kisses and hugs and love during their visit. We don’t live in the same state as any of our family so we really cherish the times when we get to visit and spend time together.

    P.S. Grandparents=naps for Mommy! Woohoo! Buh-bye #48!

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