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  1. Summer Fun List Wrap Up

    September 23, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Today is the first day of fall.


    I like the word Autumn better than fall. It’s just….better.

    Autumn is falling leaves and apples. It’s farmer’s markets and pumpkins. It’s fireplaces and football. Spice and soups and stews.

    The time for summer fun is over.

    I didn’t finish my list.

    I went back to work.
    I was busy.
    I was tired.
    I was lazy.
    I had bigger fish to fry.

    It should come as no surprise that I didn’t accomplish the “big” things like sewing a crib rail cover for Olivia. Or redecorating the guest room. Or baking homemade English muffins. Those items were probably delusions of grandeur to begin with.

    What does disappoint me is that I wasn’t able to manage an hour or two to read a magazine on the deck. Or volunteer. We are blessed beyond measure and have no good reason for not volunteering.

    That being said, I think I kicked butt on my list, given the circumstances.

    Olivia has learned how to blow kisses, even if they are only for her Grandma on Facetime. She will also give you five repeatedly. And pajama days? Dude, I don’t even know why that is on the list when it happens nearly every weekend.

    There is also another piece of big news that I’m not quite ready to share yet. But it did interfere with the last few weeks of summer. I’ll update soon…

    Should I make an Autumn list? My sister in law did.

    Do I even have the time? What are you doing this fall?

  2. Olivia and Bubbles

    July 5, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    When our friends showed up for a July 4th BBQ today, I was totally psyched. Not just because they are awesome people and I love hanging out with them, but also because they brought a bubble machine for their little boy and our little girl to play with.

    I thought, “Yes!! Introducing O to bubbles is totally on my list of summer fun!”

    Except, um, it’s not. I had thought about it and then came up with a ton of other ideas and forgot about it.

    Still, the pictures are too cute not to post. Enjoy!

    Watching B, a bubble pro, chase bubbles.

    Hey! Where are they going?

    Oooooh! I want some.

    You’re mine, Bubble!

    We did get to see fireworks from the path in the open space behind our house. It was lovely to watch the display with a cool breeze blowing. I didn’t sweat, not even once. So, crossing #14 off my list. 

    Happy Fourth of July!!

  3. Summer Fun List

    July 1, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    Tomorrow is July 1. Can someone please explain how this happened and where June went? As usual time is slipping away before my very eyes. Add to this time warp the fact that I’m hoping to go back to work in the fall and I am grasping at the remaining days of summer.

    Amanda, who writes one of the blogs I regularly read, Last Mom on Earth, posted her summer bucket list a couple of days ago and I was inspired to write my own. Nothing like a list to keep me accountable for the valuable time I have left in the summer. Especially the time with Olivia. She is in this list A LOT. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. Finish my own version of a Daydream project with Olivia. I have a couple done already, but need to do a few more.

    2. Have a family swim day at the public pool.

    3. Hike in RMNP with Tim. No babies allowed. Olivia can’t come either.

    4. Sew new pillow covers for living room pillows.

    5. Make homemade ice cream.

    6. Play tennis with Tim.

    7. Plan and celebrate O’s first birthday!

    8. Read a magazine while lounging on the deck with no interruptions.

    9. Go to the drive in.

    10. Hike Heil Valley Ranch.

    11. Bake homemade English Muffins.

    12. Sew Olivia some bibs.

    13. Bake a peach pie.

    14. Attend fireworks for the Fourth of July. This is new for me after living in Arizona where it is too scorching hot to sit outside and watch fireworks.

    15. Go to a U-pick farm.

    16. Get together with friends here in Colorado that I haven’t met up with since we moved here. Amy V. and Kuby that means you.

    17. Call and visit with friends in AZ that I haven’t spoken to since we moved here. Hopefully, they are still speaking to me.

    18. Teach Olivia how to blow kisses.

    19. Go to the Farmer’s Market and make one meal completely from ingredients purchased there.

    20. Redecorate the guest room.

    21. Get into a workout routine.

    22. Find a playgroup and start going.

    23. Go to this Makerie meetup.

    24. Convince Tim to take me fly fishing.

    25. Migrate blog to a new platform and do a redesign. Continue to tell myself I can do this on my own. Even though I have no idea what I’m doing.

    26. Sew a crib sheet for Olivia.

    27. Hike Bear Lake. Finally.

    28. Go to a concert at Red Rocks. Amos Lee. Kings of Leon. DCFC. How does a girl choose?

    29. Teach Olivia to “gimme five.”

    30. Go to Steamboat Springs for the weekend.

    31. Sew a crib rail cover for O.

    32. Take Olivia to the splash pad on Pearl Street Mall once she is walking. (Any day now.)

    33. Go on the Celestial Seasonings Factory tour.

    34. Open O’s college savings account.

    35. Take Tim on a date to see the last Harry Potter movie ever. Then, cry myself to sleep over the fact that there will be no more Harry Potter books or movies.

    36. Read. A lot. (See what’s on my list.)

    37. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

    38. Attend a Colorado Rockies game.

    39. Tour around Boulder on a Boulder B-cycle.

    40. Have a family picnic at Chautauqua.

    41. Pajama day! Laze around all day in our jammies. This will also involve naptime cinema and maybe a little Yo Gabba Gabba!

    42. Hike Caribou Ranch

    43. Go on a brewery tour.

    44. Take O to story time at the library.

    45. Dinner with the ladies in Denver.

    46. Play board games. Often.

    47. Yoga in the park.

    48. Take a nap.

    49. Have a garage sale.

    50. Volunteer once a month.

  4. Visit with Mom

    June 20, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    My mom left this morning. Sad face.

    She was here for ten glorious days. We had a great time.

    We sewed.



    We also sewed a pillowcase and a crib sheet, which I don’t have pictures of yet.

    Then, we baked.

    Rhubarb pie.

    Creamy Blueberry Lime Loaf Cake.

    Sorry about the terrible picture. This was the best I could do. The forks were a-flyin’. It’s a testament to how good this was.

    Homemade Strawberry and Nutella Pop Tarts. Strawberry on the left, Nutella on the right.

    Morning Glory Muffins

    We also just hung out. We played with the baby. We explored Louisville, Boulder, and Denver. We played cards and board games. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park. We took walks. We giggled and made silly jokes.

    I love my mama.

  5. Denver Art Museum

    March 27, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    This last weekend, Tim and I took Olivia to the Denver Art Museum. Being new to the area (read: we don’t have a plethora of babysitters), it is tough for us to find child friendly things to do that we, as adults, also enjoy. Tim had mentioned about a week ago that his company had passes to some of the museums in downtown Denver. Because getting to know Denver is also on my To Do list, I told him to check one out. He came home with a pass for the Art Museum, so Saturday morning off we went.

    I have been to a lot of museums, both here in the States and over in Europe. In terms of family friendliness, the Denver Art Museum is hands down the best I’ve been to. Sure, some museums have larger or better collections. Some museums are built entirely for children, but this is an ART museum. To me, that means a place that is a bit stodgy. At an art museum, you whisper and you definitely only look with your eyes. But, at the Denver Art Museum that is not the case at all. In addition to a great collection that includes famous names like Picasso, Monet, Matisse and Renoir as well as some fantastic Native American and Western Art, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies that allow kids and adults alike to get involved with the art they are viewing. Sometimes, this is a library where you can sit in cozy chairs and peruse art books. Other times, this is a dress up area where kids can try on chaps and cowboy hats and sit on a saddle. The DAM also provides free Family Backpacks and Art Tubes for check out that are chock full of art connected activities to keep the kiddos busy throughout the museum. And did I mention the place is stroller friendly? Awesome.

    Overall we had a great time. Tim and I got out of the house and did something that was reminiscent of our pre-parenting days. Olivia got out of the house and had her first trip to the museum. She really enjoyed looking at the different kinds of art and crawling around some of the kids’ play areas. We didn’t get to see everything, so we will definitely be back soon. If you are thinking about visiting the Denver area and are looking for a family friendly activity, don’t overlook the Denver Art Museum. If you live here already, get on over there this week during Spring Break because the kids get in free!

    Play dress up at the DAM

    For more pictures of our museum visit, click HERE.

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