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  1. Weekend Reading

    August 19, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    It has been quite the week. If had a place like this, I would be there, most likely napping.

    Maybe some people watch this and see a guy riding a bike.  I see art.

    We live in Louisville. It’s awesome times ten!

    These look fantastic. I would strongly advise against reading food blogs when you’re hungry. It’s pure torture.

    Olivia takes her lunch to daycare. I think we need to find some bento boxes. A lunch box is just so passé.

    I’ll be back later this weekend (hopefully) with more details on the excitement of this week. Thanks for sticking with me, friends!

  2. Weekend Reading

    July 2, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    I have it on good authority that Grammy is bringing her both toys and cookies when she arrives on Sunday.


    One of my favorite PBS shows is American Experience. Their latest production is Freedom Riders. While watching this documentary, I had chills the whole time. For reasons both good and bad. If you are interested in America, you should watch this. You can watch it for free on the PBS iPhone app.

    So everyone has probably eaten Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes, but this guy is taking pancakes to the next level.

    If you live in Austin, home of Whole Foods, you’re about to get a new form of grocery store. I’d love to see more of these.

    I saw this on Dooce this week. I’m really not sure what is funnier, the animals or the narration. It’s probably the narration.

    I would imagine this might be what photographs in The Daily Prophet would look like.

    My undergraduate degree is in English Literature and Composition. It has been years since I’ve written any fiction. I’m trying to summon up the courage to participate in a weekly writing challenge.

  3. Weekend Reading

    June 25, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    My Drunk Kitchen. Go watch it. You’ll laugh your heinie off.

    Tina Fey’s prayer for her daughter pretty much sums it all up.

    Another cool photo re-creation site.

    What I’m reading.

    What Tim is reading.

    A book I covet.

    This is yet another reason teachers need to be paid more.

  4. Weekend Reading

    April 29, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    If you like film and if you like poster art, you might like this site.

    This is the mobile app I’m using to track my runs during my current 30 Day Challenge.

    A heartbreaking birth story with a happy ending.

    Wish I had woken up early this morning to make these in honor of the Royal Wedding.

    Help the victims of this weeks tornadoes HERE.

    A new (to me) blog from a fellow Coloradan. Her last three recipes involved beer, chocolate and Old Bay. What’s not to like, right?

    I’m hoping that this Sunday will bring our last snow of the season. I’m dying to get our garden going. Until then I’ll be reading up here on Colorado gardening.

  5. Weekend Reading

    April 8, 2011 by frecklesandsunshine

    If you have never played around with Wordle, you should check it out. Tim and I used it to make our Save the Dates when we got married. I think these would make awesome gifts on the cheap.

    I am so curious about how education and schools work in other countries. Especially given that our system seems to be such a mess. This is a very interesting report on how school works in France.

    My favorite iPhone app to track my runs.

    This blog makes me want to teach again.

    I have no tools and have never done anything like this before, but with plans like this maybe even I could build furniture.

    You know how those commercials make fast food look so tasty? Think again.

    Olivia needs this in her room. I sing it to her every night.

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